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Our Facilities


Big Bang Sound Design was created to provide a relaxed, comfortable and creative environment, with state of the art technology in each and every studio. We pride ourselves on our dedication to maintaining a boutique atmosphere whilst providing world class facilities. We guarantee excellent service from pre-production right through to final mix. All your sound needs are in one place.


Sound Design

The creative team at Big Bang Sound Design have 25 years experience designing sound for feature films and television. From creating that one perfect sound effect to designing an entire soundscape, our sound designers will create a unique soundtrack that compliments the film makers vision.

Our on site sound fx recording studio, complete with foley pits, props, and small water pool, is available to record unique and specific sound fx. Coupled with hundreds of ProTools plug ins and samplers, our team can design the perfect sound for any project.

Abstract Sand

Moments such as these will help you realize the level of effort on the part of the sound department in order to generate an immersive audio experience.

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